Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Silence of the trash...

It has been raining this close to the sun.
It has been blowing some wind too, making a mess.

Tuesday morning I had to fetch from the street some things that I usually have in my garage.
I found 2 flower pots on the sidewalk; my large, graphite garbage can was missing, lid & everything.

I looked around for it, and like any crime perpetrated in a cartoon, a revealing trail was left. This time the trail was little plastic bags full with trash.

I followed the trail with my eyes, thinking “man, I’ll have to pick this up”…

2 houses down, across the street, and there it was.

I also saw it next door. And in the next house. It will sound racist and politically incorrect, but they all DO look alike.

The trail of trash was my only valid clue. I went there and lift the lid: more little plastic bags & a pizza box.

Check. Could be ours.

I had to look at 1 of the bags to be sure. I picked one and looked at it, holding my breath.

Diapers. Jackpot.

I felt like a third-world Clarice Starling, looking for clues to identify a serial killer. I longed for a nice glass of chilled Chianti (insert your own creepy slurping sound here).

Yey, no handle. Definitely ours.

Hey, no handle. I had to drag the big, graphite garbage can, holding it from the edge of the container, with my hand inside the thing. Eeww.

Did I mention it rained?

I dragged it thru standing water on the street, and it made a loud, long and annoying noise.

The kind of loud, long and annoying noise something makes when you don’t want people noticing you.

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Masgorellie said...

Me acuerdo de una pelicula con todo este bochinche,
"lo que el viento se llevo "por que le pondrian ese titulo. ?