Monday, December 18, 2006

Happened the same day of the arithmetic pizza...

Waiting for the pizza (from the last post), we realized that the "Now serving" thingy is out of order; Gabriel checks his ticket and tells me :

"they asked me my name, and wrote it here".

"so, are they gonna yell GABRIEL, meaning that you are next?" I asked.

"yep... I should have said that my name was Geronimo... would have been funny... we'll do it next time we are here..."

I'm sure there's a lot of funnier names they could shout outloud; and by funnier I meant obnoxious (Phil McCracken) and gross (Rosy Palms)... but the kids would not get them. Not yet.

So, I'll keep you posted if we do that... I just hope nobody falls down as a result of our little experiment...



Gadósfero said...

Hey, tendré que aplicar la idea del pequeño cuando esté en un restaurante... que me griten Geroooooonimooooooo.


Espero que por esa puntada "Santa Clos" regae infinidad de cosas al pequeño.


Miryam said...

Jajaja, que lindo tu peque :)

Miryam said...

Jajaja, que lindo tu peque :)

Claude Sandbed said...

pequeño detalle:

Gabriel es mi esposo !

εїз maripOsa*sOcial εїз said...

As you know my name is Barbie and that is what gets called out at restaurants and what not... well I always walk up after they holler for me and stand there as they continue to yell... apparently they are waiting for some ditzy blonde to come up, cause they always just stare and then say something dumb like "barbie? hehe but you are not blonde"

f*ing idiots.

Hey by the way Merry X-mas! :D

tiny*glowing*fairy said...

Hay osea que cerotes tienen que generalizar a las barbies como rubias todas osea que cerotes no.

Oye una vez hace como mil años fuimos un amigo y yo a comer pizza y el nombre de pedido lo hizo elcomo: monica màrgara y asi me hablaron y yo que vergueza te pasas y pensaban q era mi nombre bueno sos todo.

Feliz navidad que te la pases super super en estas fechas y todas las demas tambien.. te lo deseo de corazon..