Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top 40

Hello, blog... how are you? Feeling a bit neglected and abandoned? Don't worry, mommy's here. Like a friend said to me "así como lo dejaste lo agarras?"... yeah, just like that.

Some weeks ago, something important happened to me: I have been dragging 39 for a while, until I turned 40. I made my favorite dish, lasagna, drank 2 glasses of red wine. Chocolate Ice cream cake. What else could I ask for?

Well, as it turns out, I can ask for a lot of things... not all of them are given to me, of course.

I'd like to share with you my top 40 favorite things... my family and friends are not there, 'cause they are not things, ok? They are listed in no particular order...

1. Stephen King's books
2. Dark chocolate
3. Ranch dressing
4. The beach... not the ocean, the sand...
5. To laugh with friends and family
6. A nice kiss ( and its consequences, wink wink!)
7. Coffee... cream and 2 sugars, please!
8. New clothes
9. New make up
10. new markers
11. Gummy bears
12. The internet
13. My laptop
14. Xbox 360 ... kinect rules!
15. Cheese
16. Wine... after cheese I thought of wine, isn't it curious? A michelada would do fine, too
17. A good sci-fi / terror movie
18. Interesting conversation
19. Some types of medication: I love chemistry!
20. Tennis shoes
21. Somebody to do my hair
22. A nice parking spot
23. To be loved by students
24. To be paid attention by students
25. Cats
26. Las Vegas... Online Poker
27. Road trips in the U.S.
28. Star Wars video games
29. Silence
30. Chocolate ice-cream
31. Root beer
32. Take pictures
33. See old pictures
34. Blokus and Scrabble
35. Lasagna
36. Clean laundry, folded and put away
37. Taking a nap
38. Taking control
39. Making lists
40. Taking a break

So there... in 10 years, I'll do my top 50. Deal?


Yellow Claude said...

Felicidades por iniciar de nuevo tu blog, me gustó la frase célebre...

Claude Sandbed said...