Thursday, July 12, 2012

We never stop learning...

We parents are supposed to be the ones doind the teaching to our kids;  it is a humbling experience when it happens the other way around.
We were eating lunch at a restaurant, and we saw a family that was coming inside. One of the boys had cerebral palsy and had difficulty walking. One of my kids was mesmerized by him and stared. I got his attention, told him that it was not polite to stare, and started to explain what cerebral palsy was and why he walked that way.
My kid just looked at me like he did not understand what I was talkng about; or rather why I was telling him that. And then he just said:
"Mom, did you see his mustache? he's got a cool mustache!"

Serves me right: He did not even notice his walking... he was looking at the mustache.

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